Ceramic White Oil Diffuser


Beautiful ceramic diffuser in white. These lovely oil diffusers are a fabulous alternative to scented candles and diffusers. You can change the scent according to how you feel and they give off a sense of  peace and tranquillity.  Pair with our oil blends from Merak & Co – Uplift, Boost, Still
& Balance.

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How To Use:
– Remove the ceramic cover and plastic cap
–  Fill up the water reservoir to the fill line
– Add 20-25 drops of essential oils of your choice
– Pop the plastic cap and ceramic cover back on
– Plug in and select your desired setting
– LED light with two soft brightness levels
– Two settings: Mode 1 mists continually for 4hours. Mode 2 mists in 30 seconds intervals for 8hours.
– Automatically turns off
– Capacity 120ml
– Size D90 x H188mm
– Ceramic Diffusers come with a 1 year Warranty


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